blog changes


okay, so i’m not sure if i’ve said it or not.. but i’ve gone back to my old blog ( and i am writing in swedish again. just fyi. it’s nice though.


new theme


Okay, so I kinda seriously love this new theme of mine. It’s so colourful and pretty!

Värdelöst Vetande


I’ve learnt two great things today.
1. I’ve gone up a cup size in boobieness.
2. My hair is long enough to cover my boobs when sitting and standing up.

bad bad bad


I know that my job as a blogger is pretty fucking embarrassing and I’m sorry about that. But I just feel so pretentious on here and I am actually considering starting to blog in Swedish again. However, my friends in foreign countries wouldn’t be able to understand. That is why life sucks. I am most definitely not doing a good job either way. Any suggestions?



I know for sure that I am someday going to get one or two tattoos. I think they are beautiful and that it’s a fabulous art form. Some of the things people get tattooed are downright amazing. The tattoos I want to get (so far) aren’t that amazing or special. They are small, in black and in places where not everyone will be able to see them (that sounds a lot more kinky than it is). I’m not sure about all of them, but still. Here are a few pictures of tattoos I will get or might get or just think look really cool.

So these first three are tattoos I actually really want. The locations and designs aren’t what I want. But damn do I like the ideas. It’s like they invaded my brain.
1, 2, I love space and I love (in a twisted I-don’t-want-to-learn-it-I-just-think-it-is-cool way) science. Both are such explored but yet so unexplored areas full of mysteries and I don’t think we’ll ever understand the whole of it. The space is infinate and it is eternal, two concepts we don’t actually understand and probably never will. Which is something that I actually like. I also love the stars and that wherever I’ve been, I’ve looked up at the sky and seen the septentrion. It has been a comforter when I’ve been homesick in England or when I’ve missed someone that is in a different country, we all look at the same sky (such a cheesy cliché thing to say). I understand that I may come of as a cheesy nerd that just want meanings for her tattoos when I say this, but I do find it all very fascinating and these symbols do mean something to me. For example, the infinity/eternity symbol is the symbol I’m having on my engagement ring (just a note to my future husband).
3, The last picture would be a reminder of the greatness that was my one year in England. It ended up being so much more than I expected it to be and this song will always remind me of that year, all the people I met and the brilliant man that is Justin Vernon. However, if people would ask about the tattoo I’d tell them the short story, I love Bon Iver.

These three are a lot more cliché and used by stupid hipsters who get tattoos for the sake of having tattoos and taking pictures of them. But I love the colours in the third one and I’ve always been a sucker for dream catchers (don’t like the “truth” part though). The second one I just love the way the tattoo looks. I don’t know what I would get in white ink, but I’m sure that I do want something.

tube thoughts


Seriously. I’m on my way to school for the first time this year and I’ve made a realisation. People always say that women have a tendency of always spraying themselves with too much perfume, however it seems like the men over here in Stockholm not only spray themselves with cologne. They shower and take baths in their cologne before leaving the house. I can’t breathe dammit!



I JUST NEED TO VENT MYSELF HERE FOR A MINUTE, I’VE ALREADY DONE THE SAME TOO CALVIN BUT I NEED SOME MORE SCREAMING SPACE. NOW I’M GOING TO STOP USING CAPS. You see, Torchwood is like a magical TV show in the same sense as Doctor Who just that you’re not travelling through time and space or fighting armies of aliens. Instead you’re in Cardiff, Wales fighting the old occasional alien and sweeping up the evidence that the rift leaves behind. The first two seasons are brilliant and lovely but end in misery. The third season is misery all the way through but that doesn’t mean it is bad (opposite). Season four however is invaded by Americans (not hating on American people but Hollywood and the American film business in general), the main idea doesn’t make sense and they aren’t even in Cardiff any more. On top of it, the CIA is involved. Dammit.

Why do they have to take everything European and make their own version? They did it with ‘Skins’, with ‘Arn’, with ‘the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’, with ‘Let the Right One In’ and a lot of other films that were good from the start and didn’t need remaking! Damn film business. It makes me so angry!