I used to listen to johnossi quite a lot before, during 2009 and 2010, I even went to see them three times. I don’t listen to them that much anymore, at least not their new stuff, I don’t know why, but I still listen to their old music because there are a lot of good memories behind their songs. One of my favourites is the song Family Values. It reminds me of the emmabodafestival I went to summer 2010, I had been looking forward to seeing them and that song all day and when it was time I was so drunk I missed most of it. I only heard one of the songs (it wasn’t that song though) and I can’t even remember what song it was, but I remember that it was really good. I did see them after that though, once at popaganda summer 2009 and once during NRJ festival in Gröna Lund summer 2010. They were bloody good live.

I miss your love wich came naturally
sometimes I cry, when I think about how things used to be
well at least come and visit me for only one time
You know I love you but I know you won´t pay me no mind


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