easter holiday


I came home on Wednesday and that evening I had planned a Batman marathon with some of my friends, when  I was in England I managed to find the old Batman films for only 7£ so we were all set for the night. They came over to mine about nine in the evening and we (unfortunately) only had time to watch one of the films before they had to catch various trams and buses home, what a marathon. The day after we went to a museum here in Stockholm called Fotografiska which basically is a photographic museum with different photographies in the exhibitions. On Friday we didn’t do much but we ended the night by going out, first to Dovas and then to Strand. Some band was playing at Strand (they were alright) and for some reason they were giving away masks to everyone. We managed to get hold of one each before they ran out and I spent the entire night with an unknown identity. These last two days I haven’t been up to much more than sleeping, going to a drivers license course and playing football to practise for the tournament in our school which I for some reason signed up for. A few pictures from that before I go to bed. Goodnight.

1 Ellen. 2 Ellen and Elin. 3 Ellen.

1 Oscar, Sofia, Ellen at Dovas. 2 Oscar and Pontus. 3 Oscar, Pontus, Hanno, Ellen. 4 Mucho and I. 5 Ellen and I. 6 & 7 Me. 8 Fredrika and I. 9 Pontus and I on our way home. 2-8 is at Strand.


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