Since I’ve been away over easter and then been on holiday when I got back so the update has been quite bad, but now we’re back to school and that will hopefully mean more frequent updates. During my holiday I went to visit my friends in England. First on the Isle of Wight where I used to live for a year and then up to London where one of my friends just moved and where I’m hoping to move as soon as I finish school. Hopefully I’ll also have someone to move with. Here are some pictures from my visit on the island and then London.

1 new socks. 2 me. 3 easter eggs. 4 goodmorning calvin. 5 & 6 phils diner.

1 & 3 it’s always raining in london. 2 & 4 astrid. 5 apple store, a.k.a home. 6 “im happy because im in london”. 7 dinner at wagamama. 8 new isle of wight festival top from TOPSHOP. 9 vendela and astrid.


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