I have gained a lot of weight since I came home from England and I have been feeling very self conscious about it, nothing ever fits any more and I don’t think I look good wearing, well anything. I enjoy food way too much to be able to go on a diet and I hate exercising way too much to be able to lose all the weight. But no matter how bad I look in a really tight dress or a pair of short shorts, I still think that I have a rocking body when I am naked.

You can’t imagine how great it feels to be able to say that. I used to hate my body and hate the way I looked, and I might not be satisfied with the way I look but I love my naked body and I love myself for feeling that way. Not many people can look at themselves without thinking “damn I look fine” or without counting their flaws, but I’m proud to say that when I’m in my room dancing to music in the nude, I can.


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