Läroverksfejden (the feud between secondary schools) is a competition between the four biggest schools in Stockholms inner city; Östra Real (my school), Södra Latin, Norra Real and Kungsholmen. Each school is represented by a colour, they have a cheering section and we all have our own mascots and cheering songs. It is a very serious competition of four parts; the aesthetic part (held by Södra), the rhetoric part (held by Kungsholmen), the knowledge part (held by Norra) and the athletic part (held by Östra). In the aesthetic part each school competes in dance, music and theare. In the rethoric part each school has to hold a speech and then there are debates between the schools. In the knowledge part the schools compete in a jeopardy like competition. In the athletic part each school competes in football, high jump, long jump, 400 meters and shot put.

My school,  Östra Real, is represented by the colour blue. We have a chicken as our mascot and we are known as the posh, rich kids which vote for the liberal party and since we all have relatives in school we’re seen as incest. We use drugs, wear expensive brands, we have a lot of hot girls in our school, party hard, listen to mainstream music and we let our dads pay for everything. Or at least that’s how we are portrayed during these competitions.

Muchos school, Södra Latin, is represented by the colour red. They don’t really have an official mascot but sometimes someone shows up wearing a red morph suit. They are known as the activists that are for communism and vote for the socialistic party. They don’t shave their armpits, they are from ‘söder’ (a certain part of stockholm), they are Christians and are good at the aesthetic parts.

Kungsholmen is represented by the colour black and they have a Darth Vader as their mascot. They are known as the clever kids who finished high school with the best grades. They are pretentious and ‘sneak fashion’. One of their cheers or mottos is ‘Big Brother sees you’ which means that the state is watching you, but it is more about them watching you.

Norra Real is represented by the colour white. They are known as the most boring school and they are dry with bad humour. There’s not much to say about them apart from that, they usually finishes last and is the only school that hasn’t won the competition yet.

Everyone is very serious and the hating between the schools during these competitions is real. Last year Södra Latin (or if it was Kungsholmen) stole our old mascot, a pink Duracell bunny head, and ripped it apart. This year Norra Real burnt a Kungsholmen flag. The competitions are held in the assembly halls of each school (apart from the athletic part) and the schools that doesn’t arrange the parts walk there in big supporter groups while shouting, waving flags, drumming and trying to make as much noise as possible (even at the tubes). This year hasn’t been so good yet but we’re still hoping that things will turn around, we’ve already won the competition once but obviously we want to win it again.


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