freedom writers


So, about a week ago, on Sunday the 22nd to be precise, we had the premier of our theatre Freedom Writers. I’ve told you about it many times but we finally had the premier and since then we’ve had three other showings. It has been a lot of fun and we’ve gotten really close within the theatre group. Unfortunately we won’t have any more theatre until next year so I’m really going to miss working with them and laughing at all the stupid things we’ve been laughing about during rehearsals when we all were way too tired! Despite being sad about missing my theatre group and the unity we have together I’m glad to finally get rid of that make-up and to never have to wear it again. At least not until august when we might be setting it up at the ‘culture house’ in Stockholm. It would be so much fun but we can’t hope for too much. I just wanted to show some “behind the scenes” pictures from our rehearsals. Aren’t we pretty hot in various hairstyles and colours?


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