what i’ve been up to lately


I’ve been enjoying my bed during the few hours I’ve managed to sleep, a really good book called ‘Looking for Alaska’ (which I told you about) and school (yeah right enjoying it).

I’ve been to another graduation party with a cocktail party theme. It was Sofias friend Lovisas class party and I went there with Sofia, Mucho and Freddi.

On our way to the party I fell over and hurt my elbow and my knees (it still fucking hurts). In school we finally got to show our dances for the rest of the class during P.E., I was with Amanda, Sophia, Elias, Oscar and Sebbe. Our dance was the best and I am so totally going to put it up here once Moa sends it to me! I’ve also been hanging out with Ellen, a lot.

Ida sent me a really nice letter which made me happy and reminded me that I’m going to visit her in 4 days. I found out that my favourite café (Sandys) has changed company/owner, I’m not entirely sure, and is now ‘Café Classico’. It made me furious. And I ordered a fantastically beautifully British ring from Rokit.

Once again hanging out with Ellen, this time watching Daniel in the debates during the rhetoric part of the feud between the schools. Also me being in bed, taking pictures of myself, while being naked, as usual.

Daniel and I skipped physics one day to hang out with Ellen and eat lunch. I ate a bagel, drank tea and loved being off from school very much. Daniel, Ellen and I also bought food to make our own home made pizza the other day. I put avocado, ham, serrano ham, tomato sauce, cheese, pineapple and garlic sauce on mine and it was the lushest thing I’ve eaten in a long time. I want to eat it now again.

Yes I enjoy taking pictures of myself during various weird things like drinking tea, being incredibly happy over facebook messages and sitting in chemistry.

Another graduation party I’ve been to lately is Freddis friend Alexandras, the theme was companions. Mucho and I dressed up as earth and the sun. We were really hot with our hair in waffles, eyeshadow in green/yellow and weird clothes. Mucho and I went to dovas for some pre drinks and she taught me how to fold notes as shirts, now I’m a fucking pro with the coolest party trick. Can you guess what Freddi and Alexandra was dressed up as?

One of our main traditions in Sweden before graduation is that you buy a student cap which you aren’t allowed to wear until the ‘dressing in a student’s cap’ ceremony. Elin held a speech in front of the whole school and she hadn’t told us beforehand. All my friends and my old class looked so nice in their caps, I just felt miserable because I still have one year left (because I went to England for a year not because I’m one year younger or very stupid). And Mucho also looked pretty fly in her student cap, but in another school in another part of Stockholm.

Last night (saturday) Ellen and I went over to Daniels and we had a lot of fun doing fuck all, we eventually all crashed on Daniels couch and spent the night there. This morning and day we had a lot of fun taking pictures, trying on glasses and taking walks in the sun with Matto. Is it just me or do I look kinda cool in glasses?

Seriously, am I good at taking a lot of pictures or what? I hope you enjoy this post as much as I do. Please do. I spent a lot of time on it. And I should really go to bed now. Goodnight fellas. More posts will be up tomorrow.


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  1. I left a reply to your comment on my blog post, I was thinking about posting it on this blog entry, but this blog entry deserves a happy comment! You can find my reply here: http://mineloyndomar.blogspot.com/2012/04/speak-to-me-breathe.html?showComment=1335867259190#c4394775622917531321

    First I’d like to say that your blog is so pretty! I love the way you organise the pictures and the texts. And second of all, you’re so beautiful, Carro! Can’t wait to see your dance!
    You’re visiting Ida in 4 days, that reminds me, when shall I send the russ trosuers? Ida never told me when you were visiting, so I didn’t know it was this soon…

    I think you look really good in those glasses, but to be honest, you look good in everything! Don’t worry about having to do another year, I do too, and even though it SUCKS, it just has to be done, so try not to think too much about it. <3

    • I’m going to read and reply to it ASAP!

      Thank you! It makes me very happy to hear :) I try to put a lot of thought into my blog posts so it makes me very happy to hear! Haha, thank you Sofie! Gaah! I just want to show it right now, but my friend can’t even get it on facebook >< I need to talk to her about it tomorrow.. Maybe I can figure something out. I am visiting Ida in just a few days, but as I told you over skype Rita is lending me her trousers. But I have a few questions about your russ trousers and I might want to borrow them at another point, if that's okay? Are they trousers with shoulder straps, just red trousers or is it a whole suit with top and trousers together? Does it have the Norwegian flag on them and does it say your name?

      Thank you! They are my friends glasses and even though I look good in them, I'm really glad that I don't need glasses. Thank you so much! Gosh you're making me blush! The next year will be fine, it's just seeing my friends leave now that is the hard part. Well and obviously not having them around next year.

      Lots of lovin.

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