Back in business.


So blogging might not be what I am best at. Procrastination, however, is what I am best at. So instead of studying physics for my oh so important test on Wednesday, I’m going to update you on the events in my life. So keep reading and mainly looking at the pictures below because this is what I’ve been up to lately (and yes, certain more important things, like Norway, will get its own post).

So the weather in Stockholm has gone from winter to lush in just a few weeks, I eat my breakfast in the sun during the weekend and I have started to wear my converses at all times in all weathers. I have about 10 pairs of converses and these were a gift from some of my friends in England on my seventeenth birthday, it’s one of my favourite pairs!

These slightly drunken pictures are taken on our way to Tyresö where Victors friend had a party and that we were very much and happily invited too. It was a good party apart from the fact that it took about an hour and a half to get there.

Wall of stuff 2.0, I have taken some things off and added a few new things so that the wall looks better than ever. That is actually not what it finally ended up looking like because since this picture was taken a few new things have arrived or switched places.

I’ve spent a lot of time in my bed or in my PJ’s (currently in them).

An old pair of converses and a completely new pair, coming straight from London.

I have gotten a few penpals along with my old bunch of foreign friends and therefore spent my time writing letters, which is like the cosiest thing to do. You go to a café, order a cup of tea and a bagel, then you sit there for a while, writing letters and just enjoying yourself.

Since we graduate school in the beginning of June here in Sweden all the invites have started to arrive in the mail now. I have currently gotten six invites through mail and a few face to face. I’m not sure of how I’m going to be able to visit every one on their graduation day but I’m going to try to visit as many as possible. Another fun thing that happens in May is Elins birthday. She is one year younger than the rest of us (and the most clever one) and she recently turned 18, so to celebrate this she hosted a fantastic brunch with bacon, scrambled egg, gateau bread, cream cheese, macarones, mudcake, chocolate chip cookies and a lot of other home made delicates.

My nan passed away in April and she left her dog Pricken behind. We are not sure if we can handle having two dogs because we don’t have all the time that it would take. But for now Pricken is staying with us and when I’m walking around here at home I feel like I’m the leader of some sort of pack because I always have these two following in my steps.

Since the weather is so lush I have started using my bike, I try to use it instead of walking and taking the tram as much as possible. I love my bike and I love biking so the fact that it’s bike weather makes me incredibly happy!

The day after my old class graduation party I went round Muchos, we really felt like drinking some coke so we decided to go to the shop and buy some but ended up coming home with all of this. Which is a pizza, some hot dogs, half a chicken, two boxes of potato salad, juice, coke, crisps, a cucumber and bread for the hot dogs. We ate a great dinner of all the things we were in the mood for while sitting under cover on her balcony/deck where it was perfectly heated but raining. Mucho and I happen to have a thing for hot dogs and on my way home from school today I decided to buy one, so I just had to send her a picture of it.


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