Last weekend I decided to catch a train to Oslo, Norway, Ida and a pair of russetrousers. Russ is something you celebrate around May in Oslo before you graduate and it is (according to me) the coolest thing ever.

The first thing we did after I had gotten into a pair of russetrousers was to go to a party. Most of Idas friends were there, we drank, danced and they smoked a lot. It was great, I had a great time and I was so glad to see Ida and to be drinking with her again. Can’t you tell from the picture how happy and excited we were.

We (Ida and Raija) were pretty hungover so we decided to have a decent breakfast at McDonalds. It was lovely and the woman standing in the cashier was the sweetest, she forgot about my burger because she had a lot on her mind (she truly did) so to compensate she gave me an extra burger and some hot wings. I fell in love with her a bit.

Saturday night we were invited to another party, it was quite far away from where Ida lives but since we got to the party at 6pm it was not a problem. We got there around six, started drinking around half six and kept drinking during the entire night, which was until 2am. We enjoyed getting drunker and drunker whilst socialising with people from Idas school, sitting at the kerb giving away russcards and playing I have never with a guy called Aksel (mid bottom picture).

Idas mum made us a recovery breakfast that beat the McDonalds breakfast without doubt. Bacon, bread, scrambled eggs, vegetables, juice and tea. I’m actually drooling just by looking at these pictures.

After a fantastic breakfast Ida and I decided to take a walk through Oslo,  we went by the tinghus and sat down on the grass. We drank some coke and gave away russcards to children. The sun was shining and it was very nice. I seriously miss that right now.

We also went past the court where the faith of Anders Breivik is beind decided, we spoke to a guard standing outside for almost an hour (he was Swedish you see) and I found this, it’s a Swedish and a Norwegian flag, a rose and a card saying ‘don’t cry little brother’. I thought it was very beautiful. Ida and I then had lunch at Burger King, I’m considering converting from McDonalds to Burger King, their cheeseburgers were not bad.

One of the most amazing things about Ida (apart from her personality, good looks and everything like that) is her way of collecting things. She has a massive collection of happy trolls, three rubiks cubes, lots of capsules, etc. I love her room as well. It’s cosy and personal.

These were the russetrousers I got to borrow from Rita. They were so comfortable, they were so cool, they were wonderful. I miss wearing them so much! I even got to edit them a bit, which is always fun.

Monday night Ida, I and most of the people from her class stayed over in her teachers garden. It was fun in the beginning but my back, head and rest of the body hated it. I got a cold and a horrible backache and a fun train ride back to Stockholm later on Tuesday.

Ida was very sad when I left, but she realised she had some prawn crackers left so her face soon looked happy again. I wasn’t. I had a cold, a six hour train ride back to Stockholm and was sad about leaving Ida. Long story short. I love Ida. I love Oslo. I love Norway.


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