This is my fantastic collection of converses. I love shoes and especially converses. There are no shoes like converses. I have (unfortunately) been forced to throw away a few pairs because they were broken, old and disgusting. So altogether I’ve probably owned about 20 pairs since I bought my first pair (the blue ones). This is my collection and I’m still looking for more. And I want a pair of Adidas Originals Jeremy Scott.


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  1. Oh Carro, I remember the I love GIRLS I love BOYS shoes you wore all the time on the Island. OH wow this is so strange, it’s like I’m experiencing an emotional flashback to about October-ish. I don’t know if you wore those shoes a lot during October, but they just got me thinking about chalk pits and the “original” gang of fisk and going to the cinema a lot and Dave (hahahhah) and doing all those amazing things we did before we all got boyfriends and started partying at Fred’s house instead.

    Thanks for uploading that picture <3

    Also, what do the shoes with all the print say?

    • This made me so happy! And you’re right. I did wear these a lot in October. Like the first time I met Aiden and Brandon, our first day in school, the day we came to the island, the first chalk pits party, the first time we were at chalk pits, when we swam in ventnor with our clothes on, just to mention a few times.

      The shoes with prints on has the same print on both shoes, on one side they say “this is not a shoe” and the other one says “it’s a mania”. I love them because to me it’s true. I love converses and to me they aren’t just any shoes, they are converse.

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