So since I last spoke to you, for real (which was like when I went to Norway), this is what I’ve been up too.

  • I’ve been to my old class graduation party.
    The theme was ‘Excuse me, I came straight from…’ and I was dressed up as a cut out doll who came straight from the pottering book. In the picture you can see Matto and Alfred from the future, Sofia was a tiger/lion who came from the savannah.. or jungle (not entirely sure), Mucho was the septentrion who came from space, Peter was Frankenstein who came from the Frankensteins monster saga, Anna was a doll who came from the toyshop and Jossan was Frankensteins monster, from the same place as Peter.
  • I’ve been studying at Ellens summerhouse.
  • I’ve been out on my longboard and bike.
  • I’ve been to my new class BBQ.
    It was something Anton and Victor arranged in Antons garden. They had made salads, different sauces and desserts, all we had to bring was something to put on the grill. We had a fantastic time and it was the eurovision song contest the same night. Which Sweden won hands down.
  • I’ve seen ‘the three musketeers’ musical.
  • I’ve been to cissis graduation party, themed ‘the last supper’.
    They had arranged it in such a cool way! They had put partytents in the garden, where they had put tables and chairs, I really can’t explain this in less than a bazillion words so here are a few pictures instead. They describe everything way better.
  • My old class graduated, I went on their graduation truck, their graduation receptions and the final graduation party.
  • Lisa and Cissi graduated, I went on Lisas graduation truck, their graduation receptions and we all went to the final graduation party.
  • I spent one night cycling around Stockholm with a few people from my school.
    We started outside my school, went all around town and then we went up’västerbron’ to see the sunrise. After that we took a break at ‘långholmen’ before continuing towards our destination known as the vanity (fåfängan).
  • I finished school for this time and won’t be coming back until the autumn.
  • Mucho graduated and I went to her graduation.
  • I’ve also been to the hultsfredfestival, but that is something for later!

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