Right, midsummer.


So midsummer is a big thing in Sweden and Josse, Cissi and I had arranged a party together. We had about 40 guests at Josses summerhouse and it was all a lot of fun. First we went to the midsummerpole for dancing and socialising with the neighbours, then we went back to the house for lunch, dinner, drinks and games. Everyone was enjoying themselves and only one person got so drunk that they threw up. It was a good time and it was a good first time without our parents. One of the best things about her summerhouse is that she has a pool which is fantastic to swim and sunbath in!


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  1. Vet inte exakt! Inget är bestämt än, men det är jag och Freddi som pratat om det nu på sistone, att hyra en lägenhet typ 5-6 personer! Tanken var ju att det skulle ske under sommaren men det gick inte så i september när man slutat jobba! Alexandra var på också hörde jag! Du får gärna följa med om du vill och kan!

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