i was laying in my bed, relaxing after dinner (because eating food can be very stressful) and i started browsing the interweb. i had a look at my bloglovin account and my liked posts where i found two posts that really made me smile. the first one was a post that mucho made when i was in england and it was about hotdogs, which may sound weird but it’s our thing. she finished off the post by saying ‘you have to remember your ancestry, what makes you, you’, still talking about the hot dogs. the second post was idas and it contained lots of pictures of us, from all the stupid and nice things we’ve done together, at the end it said ‘ida and carro! the twins have booked tickets to isle of wight this summer!’ and she had posted it right after we booked our tickets to isle of wight in july.
i love looking back at old blogposts because the memories make me so happy.
here are the links, muchos post and idas post, if you want to check it out.


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