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these posts will probably have pictures and colours in them. i like colours.

new theme


Okay, so I kinda seriously love this new theme of mine. It’s so colourful and pretty!




I know for sure that I am someday going to get one or two tattoos. I think they are beautiful and that it’s a fabulous art form. Some of the things people get tattooed are downright amazing. The tattoos I want to get (so far) aren’t that amazing or special. They are small, in black and in places where not everyone will be able to see them (that sounds a lot more kinky than it is). I’m not sure about all of them, but still. Here are a few pictures of tattoos I will get or might get or just think look really cool.

So these first three are tattoos I actually really want. The locations and designs aren’t what I want. But damn do I like the ideas. It’s like they invaded my brain.
1, 2, I love space and I love (in a twisted I-don’t-want-to-learn-it-I-just-think-it-is-cool way) science. Both are such explored but yet so unexplored areas full of mysteries and I don’t think we’ll ever understand the whole of it. The space is infinate and it is eternal, two concepts we don’t actually understand and probably never will. Which is something that I actually like. I also love the stars and that wherever I’ve been, I’ve looked up at the sky and seen the septentrion. It has been a comforter when I’ve been homesick in England or when I’ve missed someone that is in a different country, we all look at the same sky (such a cheesy cliché thing to say). I understand that I may come of as a cheesy nerd that just want meanings for her tattoos when I say this, but I do find it all very fascinating and these symbols do mean something to me. For example, the infinity/eternity symbol is the symbol I’m having on my engagement ring (just a note to my future husband).
3, The last picture would be a reminder of the greatness that was my one year in England. It ended up being so much more than I expected it to be and this song will always remind me of that year, all the people I met and the brilliant man that is Justin Vernon. However, if people would ask about the tattoo I’d tell them the short story, I love Bon Iver.

These three are a lot more cliché and used by stupid hipsters who get tattoos for the sake of having tattoos and taking pictures of them. But I love the colours in the third one and I’ve always been a sucker for dream catchers (don’t like the “truth” part though). The second one I just love the way the tattoo looks. I don’t know what I would get in white ink, but I’m sure that I do want something.

missing you


I still sometimes feel the tears well up when thinking about the 23rd of June last year, it was so hard to leave everyone and England behind. It was easier to leave this time, because I knew that we would be able to stay in touch for another year even if we won’t see each other. But I still miss you all, so much.

welcome home


The first of July I took a taxi out to Stockholm Arlanda Airport and jumped on a flight to London, England. After waiting for over an hour at the airport Ida and Sofie walked out the arrivals door and we were finally reunited. Ida and I after two months, Sofie and I after over a year. Some people might think it would be awkward to spend time together after not seeing each other for a year, but no, we spoke about the island and how excited we were to see everyone again. We then spent the 2 hour busride down to Portsmouth sleeping and listening to music. Then we got on the boat, god we were nervous. There were butterflies in all three stomachs and we couldn’t stop smiling.

We were the first people to leave the ferry as we arrived in Ryde. We hurried up to see if we could find our friends, they were no where to be seen and we kept walking forward until we saw them hiding around the corner. There they all were; Hannah, Fred, Rob, Peter and even Ilyas who weren’t even supposed to be there. Yazmin filmed us hugging each other and took a picture of all of us right before we left.

We split up. Ida and I went to our hotel, Sofie and Hannah to Hannahs house and the rest of the guys waited for us to get ready. We went into town and hung around until it was time for dinner at Hongkong Express, our favourite Chinese restaurant. That’s where the real reunion started. Everyone from earlier was there plus Dale, Eddie, Bill, Brandon and Joe. We enjoyed a nice meal, watched the game between Italy and Spain then we went out for drinks together. Some were drunker than oteh

The day after we had to wake up really early because the night before we had planned a trip to Blackgang Chine, which seemed like a great idea when intoxicated with alcohol but not as much of a great idea at 8am when you had to get up, eat breakfast and get ready all in a hurry. Blackgang was great though. It’s like a theme park but much smaller and with less cool attractions. They did have a waterslide, a rollercoaster, dinousars, pirate ships and a space tunnel though.

After an eventful day at Blackgang in the rain Ida, Rob and I took the bus back to town and met up with Eddie and Sofie at former coffee republic.  Ida and I then went back to our hotel, ordered take out and ate dinner in our hotel room. We arranged for everyone to meet us in our hotel bar where we then spent most of our night drinking and destroying our lungs in the smoking area. We met two Danish people working as EF staff for the kids who were on the island for two or three weeks and made plans with them the following day. Ida, Calvin, Yazmin, Bill and I proceeded up too Wetherspoons where we got drunker than necessary before stumbling back to our hotel and falling asleep next to each other in our double bed.

The day after we woke up and had to rush through our delightful English breakfast so that we could go visit the home of cats. Ida, Hannah and I spent a few hours with the cats before we went back to our hotel room for some freshening up. First Ida disappeared into town, then Hannah had to go home and I was left alone for a bit. Ida came home after a few hours and we ordered take out once again and had our dinner on the floor just like the previous night.  The drinking that night started at Kasbah, moved up to The Black Sheep and we finished at Wetherspoons once again. Once again Ida and I stumbled down the road before unlocking the 10 doors that led us to our hotel room.

It was a bit hard for Ida and I to wake up the third morning on the island, but we did and we went down to have our English breakfast and a glass of coke each. We got dressed and took the bus into town for some shopping and noodles from the noodle pot. We walked around in the town we used to call our own and enjoyed being foreigners in a country where no one understands what you say. When Ida went with Ilyas and Sofie to visit their old hostfamilies I took the bus to Sandown and watched Jurassic Park with Hannah and Fred. I then had to hurry back to the hotel, drop of my things and then leave for Newport with Calvin, Ilyas and Ida. We met up with Brandon at Lloyds where we spent the rest of the night having a music battle and dancing to the way-too-loud music.

Our last full day on the island we started with a nice breakfast at our hotel, we then went into town and to former coffee republic where we ate our favourite things of them all. A chicken bacon toastie with mayo. It’s delicious. We then met up with Hannah, Ilyas, Fred, Rob, Sofie and Eddie who were gonna eat lunch. So we joined them and bought lunch at the noodle pot which we ate in litten park. Hannah and Ida then took the bus to Hannahs grandparents, Sofie went to meet up with Bill and the rest of us plus Brandon went to Ilyas place where we hung out before we were supposed to eat dinner together. But Brandon had pool and Ilyas, Rob and Ida joined him, Sofie and Bill were at Bills so the only people actually meeting for dinner was Eddie, Fred, Hannah, Calvin and I. We met up with everyone at Bargemans later for our last night together and it was a very good night which ended with almost no one staying in their own beds.

Ida and I woke up very late the last morning, we had stayed up late and found it hard to get out of bed. But we did and we had one last breakfast together before packing up and checking out. We then met up with everyone else who were having breakfast at a café nearby. After breakfast Ida and I went into town to TOPSHOP where she bought jeans for her friends and I bought a pair of high heels for myself. We then went to coffee republic once again and ate the toastie we love. We then met up with everyone in ryde to say goodbye and leave the island once again.

Right, midsummer.


So midsummer is a big thing in Sweden and Josse, Cissi and I had arranged a party together. We had about 40 guests at Josses summerhouse and it was all a lot of fun. First we went to the midsummerpole for dancing and socialising with the neighbours, then we went back to the house for lunch, dinner, drinks and games. Everyone was enjoying themselves and only one person got so drunk that they threw up. It was a good time and it was a good first time without our parents. One of the best things about her summerhouse is that she has a pool which is fantastic to swim and sunbath in!



Today is the longest day of the year and it never really gets dark. This happening is celebrated by something called midsummer here in sweden and for the first time ever I’m not celebrating this with my parents, instead my friends and I have planned a massive party for 40 people that starts at 2pm tomorrow.

Josse, Cissi, Anna and Gabriella are already at Josses summerhouse where this event is being held. Anton finished work at 10pm, he went round mine and we packed his car before getting in and driving towards the summerhouse. The adult points are raising and I feel really grown up. We’re like a family on a summer vacation.

High School Musical


I’ve spent my sunday wisely. First I watched Johnny English Reborn, then I cleaned my room and spoke to Josse on skype. Before dinner I started watching High School Musical and I’m currently watching the second one. Random High School Musical marathon on a sunday, that’s how I roll. These films are brilliantly easy to watch and they are so cheerful! I’m having so much fun watching them and now I think you should as well.



This is my fantastic collection of converses. I love shoes and especially converses. There are no shoes like converses. I have (unfortunately) been forced to throw away a few pairs because they were broken, old and disgusting. So altogether I’ve probably owned about 20 pairs since I bought my first pair (the blue ones). This is my collection and I’m still looking for more. And I want a pair of Adidas Originals Jeremy Scott.

sun is shining


The weather has been delicious lately so I’ve spent a lot of time sunbathing with my friends, we’ve had a barbeque and I’ve been walking around in shorts and dresses. The weather isn’t as good now so to cheer myself up I’m looking at these pictures and thinking of the good times. Lots of lovin.

changing subject


I’m going to stop talking about school for a while and instead I will talk about… hoovers. When I was at Ellens summerhouse I found this picture on tumblr. As the text and picture says, an easy way of finding small things you drop is putting a stocking over the hoover and it will get stuck by the “muzzle”. Seriously. Why has no one ever thought about this? It’s so awesome. The next time I lose something in my room, because it happens a lot, I’m definitely doing this. Just thought I would share this fantastic discovery. I feel like an old housewife, giving tips about cleaning.