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Fucking hell, life can be confusing sometimes.




I JUST NEED TO VENT MYSELF HERE FOR A MINUTE, I’VE ALREADY DONE THE SAME TOO CALVIN BUT I NEED SOME MORE SCREAMING SPACE. NOW I’M GOING TO STOP USING CAPS. You see, Torchwood is like a magical TV show in the same sense as Doctor Who just that you’re not travelling through time and space or fighting armies of aliens. Instead you’re in Cardiff, Wales fighting the old occasional alien and sweeping up the evidence that the rift leaves behind. The first two seasons are brilliant and lovely but end in misery. The third season is misery all the way through but that doesn’t mean it is bad (opposite). Season four however is invaded by Americans (not hating on American people but Hollywood and the American film business in general), the main idea doesn’t make sense and they aren’t even in Cardiff any more. On top of it, the CIA is involved. Dammit.

Why do they have to take everything European and make their own version? They did it with ‘Skins’, with ‘Arn’, with ‘the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’, with ‘Let the Right One In’ and a lot of other films that were good from the start and didn’t need remaking! Damn film business. It makes me so angry!

Paper Towns by John Green


I’ve told you about a John Green book before, the one called Looking For Alaska, this one is somewhat the same but still very different. They both have male protagonists and a slightly crazy, adventurous and somewhat troubled girl, but that is also where the stories start differing. The best thing about John Greens books is the way they are written, the language is beautiful and there are so many brilliant quotes from the book, cannot stress that enough. Just promise me that you’ll read them both? I’ve actually just ordered his book Will Grayson, Will Grayson and An Abundance of Katherines along with a book written by him, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle called Let It Snow. I love books.

missing you


I still sometimes feel the tears well up when thinking about the 23rd of June last year, it was so hard to leave everyone and England behind. It was easier to leave this time, because I knew that we would be able to stay in touch for another year even if we won’t see each other. But I still miss you all, so much.



May all 77 of you that are lost and missed rest in peace, we will forever remember you and what happened on this horrible day just one year ago. 22.07.11.



i was laying in my bed, relaxing after dinner (because eating food can be very stressful) and i started browsing the interweb. i had a look at my bloglovin account and my liked posts where i found two posts that really made me smile. the first one was a post that mucho made when i was in england and it was about hotdogs, which may sound weird but it’s our thing. she finished off the post by saying ‘you have to remember your ancestry, what makes you, you’, still talking about the hot dogs. the second post was idas and it contained lots of pictures of us, from all the stupid and nice things we’ve done together, at the end it said ‘ida and carro! the twins have booked tickets to isle of wight this summer!’ and she had posted it right after we booked our tickets to isle of wight in july.
i love looking back at old blogposts because the memories make me so happy.
here are the links, muchos post and idas post, if you want to check it out.

I don’t wanna fall asleep


It’s almost 2 am and I have to get up in six hours. I don’t want to go to bed. I don’t want to fall asleep. Because I know that when I wake up it will be a new day. Not just any day, it will be the 5th of June. The day I was supposed to graduate, the day I was supposed to run out of the school doors to never return, a day I would celebrate together with all of you. Instead it’s going to be the day you graduate, the day you run out of the school doors to never return and instead of celebrating with you I’ll be standing on the side cheering for you.

I knew this was how it would end up if I went to England and I will never regret going, but this day has always seemed so far away and suddenly it isn’t anymore. I don’t want it to be you’re last day of school and you’re last day as my class. I knew this day was coming and I can only imagine how great it feels to be graduating tomorrow, but I’m going to miss you and I don’t want it to be you’re turn quite yet.

i hate school


I’m so screwed. We have a chemistry test on the whole course on thursday and I just can’t be bothered to start studying. I’m so sick of all the coursework and I know for a fact that I won’t be able to get a higher grade than a G/E in chemistry so why am I even bothering? Well I know the answer to that, because at the moment I’m on an IG/F and we just won’t accept that. So if you’re wondering what I’m doing tomorrow after school the answer is going to be “trying to learn an entire year worth of chemistry in one day/evening”. Hope your day will be better than mine.



I just wanted to ask a short question because I’ve been changing blogs so much that I don’t really know who is reading this anymore, so my question to you is; who are you reading this blog? do i know you and hey whats up?