cute dogs with humans


I got inspired by all the “cuteboyswithcats” and “cuteboyswithdogs” pictures on tumblr that I decided to take two with my webcam when Doris and I were watching Torchwood together. They looekd so cosy that I decided to put them up here.




Tomorrow I’m catching a train with Josse, Cissi, Mimmi, Hanna and Elin to Gothenburg and to Way Out West. The festival we’ve been looking forward to the entire summer. I’m almost finished with my packing and I am so excited. I’m currently listening to my festival playlist and talking to Cissi. This weekend is going to be fantastic. ASDFGHJKL.

Byggvin and Anna


Last night I was lucky enough to have Edvin and Anna over for some carpentry. We built three bookshelves, two CD/DVD shelves and I rolled out a carpet. It does not sound like a drastic change (yes it does) but my room feels so much more roomy now. I don’t really want to leave!

summerhouse stuff


As you all may know I have spent a lot of my time this summer at my summerhouse, which has been both boring and lovely at it’s times. I’ve appreciated the sunlight and without realising I’ve actually enjoyed being a bit on my own. Something I haven’t enjoyed is the (kind of) sunrash I’ve managed to get on my forehead and shoulders after spending a bit too much time in the sunlight without sunscreen. All good though. Now, pictures!

One of the best things about my summerhouse is all the terrific food we eat when we’re there. Obviously I haven’t taken pictures of everything that I’ve eaten. But some of my meals. Some of the best ones as well.

Like I said, I’ve spent a lot of time with myself and what better thing to do when you’re by yourself than taking pictures of your feet.

I’ve also spent a lot of time with my two most loyal companions. The dogs.

Something I’ve enjoyed particularly much are the brief and few visits I’ve gotten from friends (Anna, Simon, Edvin and lastly Mucho). When you spend a lot of time by yourself, with your dad or your dad and your sister you learn to value the company of other people. Particularly people your own age and that has the same interests as you.

Along with that I’ve done stuff like enj0ying being free from school, reading books in the sun, gone swimming, sleeping a lot, watching the olympics, painting my nails, eaten fresh berries, running, visiting family friends, watching films and TV shows, sailing, cooking and probably a lot of other things that I haven’t mentioned. The summer has been great.

Summer is coming to it’s end


So my summer is almost over and I am back in Stockholm. The few things I have left to do before school starts are going to wayoutwest with some of my friends and watching TV shows. I’m not too bummed out about starting school again though because it’s finally my last year and just because school starts doesn’t mean that I’m out of fun stuff to do! Astrid comes home on the 26th of August and we’re going to Kolmården some day, Coldplay are playing in Stockholm the 30st of August and I’m probably going for a trip in the beginning of September with all the friends who has jobs and not school nowadays. Anyway. The summer isn’t over yet and I haven’t made a reasonably good blogpost in a while so I’m going to steal some pictures and then tell you about everything that went down at my summerhouse. Sounds good? Yes.



Today hasn’t been a very eventful day apart from the fact that I’ve been alone at the summerhouse most of the day and that Mucho arrived. Very nice, we like that. We’ve eaten a delicious dinner and then made dessert that we ate in front of the first episode of Sherlock. I am catching up!

So many TV shows, so little time..


During this summer I had promised myself that I would catch up on all the TV shows I watch or wanted to watch. I was planning on finishing all six seasons of Doctor Who, the two seasons of Sherlock, all four seasons of Torchwood, all episodes of New Girls first season and the entire fifth season of Chuck. So far I’ve managed the six seasons of Doctor Who, the first season of New Girl and a few episodes of Chuck. What’s even worse is that the list keeps growing. Now I can add the two seasons of Walking Dead, one season of American Horror Story, the second season of Awkward (which I’m keeping up to date with) and somewhere squeeze in watching seven seasons of Supernatural with Mucho.

I wanted to catch up with all the TV shows so I would be set for autumn when they all start again, but I’ve realised that it’s going to be impossible! Since I have so much left to watch and it is autumn really soon. Which means that there will be a seventh season of Doctor Who, a sixth season of Big Bang Theory, a third season of Walking Dead, the second season of awkward and an eighth season of Supernatural.

Life as a teenager with little spare time and many TV shows to watch is seriously hard. I also wanted to squeeze in Full House, How I Met Your Mother and Gossip Girl somewhere. Just for the sake of it. But now that seems impossible. Sorry for this rambling TV show post. At least now you know what you are supposed to watch instead of watching things like Skins, The Office and Community (series that I haven’t had time to devote my time too).

another summer outfit


i seriously think that i have a great sense of fashion in the summer, today my outfit comes in three pieces. a two piece bikini and a vest. no but seriously, i love how i can go dressed in almost nothing here at my summerhouse during the sunny summer days..

Paper Towns by John Green


I’ve told you about a John Green book before, the one called Looking For Alaska, this one is somewhat the same but still very different. They both have male protagonists and a slightly crazy, adventurous and somewhat troubled girl, but that is also where the stories start differing. The best thing about John Greens books is the way they are written, the language is beautiful and there are so many brilliant quotes from the book, cannot stress that enough. Just promise me that you’ll read them both? I’ve actually just ordered his book Will Grayson, Will Grayson and An Abundance of Katherines along with a book written by him, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle called Let It Snow. I love books.