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I know for sure that I am someday going to get one or two tattoos. I think they are beautiful and that it’s a fabulous art form. Some of the things people get tattooed are downright amazing. The tattoos I want to get (so far) aren’t that amazing or special. They are small, in black and in places where not everyone will be able to see them (that sounds a lot more kinky than it is). I’m not sure about all of them, but still. Here are a few pictures of tattoos I will get or might get or just think look really cool.

So these first three are tattoos I actually really want. The locations and designs aren’t what I want. But damn do I like the ideas. It’s like they invaded my brain.
1, 2, I love space and I love (in a twisted I-don’t-want-to-learn-it-I-just-think-it-is-cool way) science. Both are such explored but yet so unexplored areas full of mysteries and I don’t think we’ll ever understand the whole of it. The space is infinate and it is eternal, two concepts we don’t actually understand and probably never will. Which is something that I actually like. I also love the stars and that wherever I’ve been, I’ve looked up at the sky and seen the septentrion. It has been a comforter when I’ve been homesick in England or when I’ve missed someone that is in a different country, we all look at the same sky (such a cheesy cliché thing to say). I understand that I may come of as a cheesy nerd that just want meanings for her tattoos when I say this, but I do find it all very fascinating and these symbols do mean something to me. For example, the infinity/eternity symbol is the symbol I’m having on my engagement ring (just a note to my future husband).
3, The last picture would be a reminder of the greatness that was my one year in England. It ended up being so much more than I expected it to be and this song will always remind me of that year, all the people I met and the brilliant man that is Justin Vernon. However, if people would ask about the tattoo I’d tell them the short story, I love Bon Iver.

These three are a lot more cliché and used by stupid hipsters who get tattoos for the sake of having tattoos and taking pictures of them. But I love the colours in the third one and I’ve always been a sucker for dream catchers (don’t like the “truth” part though). The second one I just love the way the tattoo looks. I don’t know what I would get in white ink, but I’m sure that I do want something.