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I JUST NEED TO VENT MYSELF HERE FOR A MINUTE, I’VE ALREADY DONE THE SAME TOO CALVIN BUT I NEED SOME MORE SCREAMING SPACE. NOW I’M GOING TO STOP USING CAPS. You see, Torchwood is like a magical TV show in the same sense as Doctor Who just that you’re not travelling through time and space or fighting armies of aliens. Instead you’re in Cardiff, Wales fighting the old occasional alien and sweeping up the evidence that the rift leaves behind. The first two seasons are brilliant and lovely but end in misery. The third season is misery all the way through but that doesn’t mean it is bad (opposite). Season four however is invaded by Americans (not hating on American people but Hollywood and the American film business in general), the main idea doesn’t make sense and they aren’t even in Cardiff any more. On top of it, the CIA is involved. Dammit.

Why do they have to take everything European and make their own version? They did it with ‘Skins’, with ‘Arn’, with ‘the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’, with ‘Let the Right One In’ and a lot of other films that were good from the start and didn’t need remaking! Damn film business. It makes me so angry!


So many TV shows, so little time..


During this summer I had promised myself that I would catch up on all the TV shows I watch or wanted to watch. I was planning on finishing all six seasons of Doctor Who, the two seasons of Sherlock, all four seasons of Torchwood, all episodes of New Girls first season and the entire fifth season of Chuck. So far I’ve managed the six seasons of Doctor Who, the first season of New Girl and a few episodes of Chuck. What’s even worse is that the list keeps growing. Now I can add the two seasons of Walking Dead, one season of American Horror Story, the second season of Awkward (which I’m keeping up to date with) and somewhere squeeze in watching seven seasons of Supernatural with Mucho.

I wanted to catch up with all the TV shows so I would be set for autumn when they all start again, but I’ve realised that it’s going to be impossible! Since I have so much left to watch and it is autumn really soon. Which means that there will be a seventh season of Doctor Who, a sixth season of Big Bang Theory, a third season of Walking Dead, the second season of awkward and an eighth season of Supernatural.

Life as a teenager with little spare time and many TV shows to watch is seriously hard. I also wanted to squeeze in Full House, How I Met Your Mother and Gossip Girl somewhere. Just for the sake of it. But now that seems impossible. Sorry for this rambling TV show post. At least now you know what you are supposed to watch instead of watching things like Skins, The Office and Community (series that I haven’t had time to devote my time too).